Days Like These

Directed by Sarah-Vyne Vassallo

Days Like These explores the ways we express our emotions through a series of emotive snapshots. Created by pioneering integrated performance company Murmuration and the company's collective of interdisciplinary artists with and without disability, these true stories celebrate both the episodic and resilient nature of the human spirit.

Beautiful and Evocative. An incredible mix of movement, light, visual imagery, text and sound score, that took the audience on a journey.

Michelle Silby, Executive Director Ausdance

Days Like These explores the varied ways we express our emotions from one day to the next. Through a series of emotive snap-shots the audience is invited to reflect on and revisit the best and worst days of their lives. Drawing on ideas that our universal differences make us the same, a creative team of very different people bravely peel back their layers to share true stories of joy, loss, frustration and change. 

The stage is painted with projected images, infra-red bodies and uses Rose-Lyn Fishers microscopic images of dried human tears to demonstrate that on a cellular level we are all the same. The show examines emotional thresholds and attempts to hold a mirror up for all to ask - what kind of day is today?

Days Like These demonstrates how creative and performing arts are an integral part of social justice and connects the audience to wider themes such as inclusion, and political and religious ideologies. The inclusive culture that Murmuration encompasses highlights the importance for acceptance, integration, and inclusion and that universally we are all the same. 


Murmuration is Australia’s pioneering integrated performance company based in Western Sydney. Working with a collective of interdisciplinary professional artists with and without disability, Murmuration collaborates with each artist’s unique perspective, physicality and lived experiences, to create engaging and thought-provoking arts and entertainment. The company is made up of core staff, contracted artists, teaching artists and guest practitioners. The projects undertaken support both emerging and established artists across multiple art forms including dance, theatre, music, visual arts, scenography, production design, digital media and screen. Their annual program is made up of research and creative development, the presentation of original works, national and international touring and inclusive arts workshops and community events.

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Director Sarah-Vyne Vassallo 
Dramaturge Dan Daw 
Composer Ekrem Eli Phoenix 
Digital Media Artist Imogen Cranna 
Set + Installation Design Sarah-Vyne Vassallo 
Costume Designer Danielle Hollows

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