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ATYP is driven by creating work and experiences that have a lasting impact on teens and young adults. In 2020 ATYP is keen to get one of three works currently in development on the road. From gender identity, homelessness and making the daunting transition to adulthood, each work explores current social issues and will be accompanied by ATYP's best practice educational drama workshops.

ATYP is unique in its focus on empowering children to create and tell their own stories. As a result the kids shine.

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In 2017 ATYP commissioned a special report: Exploring the impact of youth theatre on the mental health and wellbeing of young Australians. It charted the impact youth theatre can have on wellbeing and critical life skills. According to the report, participation in youth theatre had a positive impact on the wellbeing of 94 per cent of youth involved, helped 71 per cent build resilience to cope with challenges and resulted in a 52 per cent reduction of their anxiety levels.

The mental health and wellbeing of Australian youth is a critical issue for our society, with Mission Australia estimating one in four, or 750,000 Australian youth, are currently experiencing mental ill-health. This research from ATYP provides insight into the role the arts can play in building crucial skills to develop mental fitness, manage mental wellbeing and build self-confidence in young people. Just like physical fitness, mental fitness can be improved to help manage stress and overall wellbeing. To read the full report click here.

In 2017 ATYP delivered 6 productions, supported the development of 41 emerging playwrights, 103 actors in professional productions, provided over 120 scholarships for children from disadvantaged backgrounds and made accessible many more life-changing theatre experiences for thousands of young people. 

ATYP have 3 new works in development that have the potential to tour in 2020.


Commissioned and developed in partnership with Playwriting Australia, Cusp is written by Mary Anne Butler. Set in the Northern Territory, Cusp examines the intersecting lives of three young adults in the Northern Territory as they swim against the tide of irrevocable change. What happens when you're on the cusp of adulthood? Are you ready?


Written by one of Australia's most celebrated playwrights, Lachlan Philpott, Budgerigar offers an original, sensitive and humorous take on a young person who is forced to come to terms with notions of gender. For 10 y.o Tom life is good. There is just one thing. Tom has a secret. He's stashing silky slips he's nicking from the neighbours clothes line and he keeps having dreams about his penis falling off. If he's to be honest, he wants these dreams to come true. When Tom turns 11 his aunt gives him a budgerigar for his birthday. In his quest to give it a name he finds out that nobody seems to care whether the bird is a boy or girl. Why should it be different for him?


Commissioned by ATYP in partnership with the Advocate for Children and Young People, Follow me Home was created in response to the feedback from NSW's young people experiencing homelessness reporting that they want more people to understand the full affects of homeless youth across Australia. Written by Patrick White Award winner Lewis Treston, this production is an unflinching insight into the lives of young people who living through homelessness


According to the Black Dog Institute, three quarters of adult psychological problems start
under the age of 25, so early recognition, intervention and management is critical. So now, ATYP is offering its services to all presenters in Australia. For those who do not have the capacity to deliver their own youth or community engagement programs, ATYP is able to create bespoke services including school holiday workshops, after school programs, writing programs, youth productions and educational programs and resources.
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Programs can be created to suit the local community and will be crafted by ATYP’s world class youth engagement experts. Prices are available upon request.


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